In Memoriam: Reading of Victims Names for Domestic Violence Awareness

At domestic violence vigils across the country, we remember those who did not survive their fight for life. These are the names of the victims of domestic violence in southwest Michigan for the 2019 Domestic Violence Awareness vigils.

The names included on this list are those of women, children, and men who died starting in 1971 through this year.  The women, children, and men listed all died because of the determination and desperation of one individual to maintain power and control over another.  Please help us remember those whose lives were taken and to emphasize the need for continued efforts to stop domestic and sexual violence.

Roberta Millard, from Mendon, April 23, 1971 – died at the hands of her husband, Winston Millard.  She was the mother of 6 children.

Annie Mae Washington,38, from Three Rivers, 1977 -- killed by her live-in boyfriend, Lank Thomas. 

Carl Harmon, from Sturgis, 1978 – killed by his daughter’s boyfriend, Thomas Baker.  

Lonnie Franks, from Leonidas, 1980 – killed by an acquaintance, James Alexander.

Donald Ray and Edith Davis, from Three Rivers, 1980 – killed by their son, Donnie Davis, in their home.

Tommy Fields, from Three Rivers, 1981- killed by his wife after a long history of domestic violence within the relationship.

Pauline Christine Albee, from Constantine, 1981 – murdered by her husband, Richard Wayne Albee, while their children were present in the home.

Brenda Runyon, from St. Joseph County, 1982 –sexually assaulted and murdered by Paul Bell, after a brief relationship.

Leota Marquardt, 71, from Edwardsburg, February 1984 – killed by her estranged husband, who then killed himself.

Jennifer Tyson, from Sturgis, 1984 - was murdered as an infant by her mother’s boyfriend, James Eversole.  The child died of injuries consistent with Shaken Baby Syndrome. 

Linda Van Buskirk, from Three Rivers, 1985 –was stalked by an acquaintance, Ricky Moore, who then killed her while she was jogging near her home.  

Pauline Holzhaus, 74, & her sister Mildred Hack, 70, from Three Rivers, April 1986 – killed by Pauline’s 81-year-old husband, who then took his own life.

Frances Harker, 53, from Sturgis, April 1986 - killed by Douglas Riddle, an acquaintance of the family.  

Sandra Ely, 36, from Constantine, March 1988 – killed by her husband, while at home with her three young children.  He then killed himself.

Cathy Swartz, 19, Three Rivers, December 1988 – was sexually assaulted and then murdered in her apartment with her infant child present. The case remains unsolved.  

Marcia Cossairt, 36, from Sturgis, 1989 – killed by her boyfriend, Leonard Radzejewski. She was the mother of two children.

Cathern Young, from Centreville, 1989 –killed by her nephew, Rex Cutchall.

Aina Housmanis, from Three Rivers, 1990 – Killed by her husband while living in the Latvian Center near Three Rivers.  He then killed himself.

Martin Keely, from Nottawa, 1990 –killed by his son, Larry Keely, who was found not guilty by reason of insanity.

Deborah Roberts, 33, from Vandalia, July 1990 – killed by her boyfriend. She was survived by two children.

Rosalie Bousman, 21, from Cassopolis, 1991 – murdered by her close friend.

Chris Dimmic, 27, from Kalamazoo, February 1991 – murdered by her boyfriend.

Steven Rose, 8 months, from Cass County, December 1991 – died at the hands of his father.

Brian Ligon, 17, from Three Rivers – killed by his mother’s boyfriend, William Duncan. 

Lois Krantz, 40, from Kalamazoo, July 1992 – Abducted and killed by her husband.  Lois was 7 months pregnant and left behind 3 children.

Lewie Strang, 25, from Sturgis, October 1993 – killed by his wife, Joan Strang; he was survived by a daughter.

Norman Hicks, 22, from Three Rivers, 1993 – killed by his girlfriend; he was survived by a son.

Becky Stowe, 15, from Niles, 1993 – murdered by her boyfriend.  Her body was found in 1995.  

Lady Monique Conley, 3, from Three Rivers, November 1994 – died of asphyxiation.  Both of her parents were convicted in this case.

Andrew Mitchell, 2, from Cassopolis, December 1994 – killed by his father, Michael Mitchell.

Talishia Melton, 7 years old, from Centreville, 1995 – killed by her mother, Hope Melton.

Carol Knepp, from Mottville, February 1996 – murdered by 3 acquaintances of her husband. 

Vanessa Hicks, 12, Ginger Hicks, 7, Erika Hicks, 3, from Vicksburg, February 1997 - Died in a house fire set by their father, who also died in the fire.

James and Arunee Shuman, from Three Rivers, 1997 – killed by their 17-year old son Douglas Shuman.

Brittany Beers 6, of Sturgis, September 1997 – Brittany was last seen sitting on a bench in front of her home in Sturgis.  She vanished, and has never been found.  The case remains unsolved.

Karlene Raykovitz (Kane), 36 from Burr Oak, 1997 – killed by her boyfriend, who then committed suicide a few days later. She left behind 3 children.

Dr. Harvey Wilkes, 1998 - killed by his estranged wife, who then killed herself.  Dr. Wilkes was the medical examiner for St. Joseph County for several years in the 1990s. 

Charles Clarke, 1998 – Killed by his wife Brenda Clarke. Charles is survived by a daughter.

Maggie Ann Coleman, 16, from Paw Paw, September 1998 – killed by her ex-boyfriend, who then killed himself.

Monika Voits, formerly from Three Rivers, 1999 – killed by her husband at her Oregon home. She is survived by two children, who were raised by her parents in Three Rivers.

Pearl Evans, 48, from Decatur, March 2000 –died two months after sustaining extensive injuries that were inflicted by her husband, Lawrence Evans.

Keith Driskel, 41, his wife, Kimberly Driskel, 39 & their son, Korey Driskel, 12 from Marcellus, May 2000, - The family was killed by their son/brother, Keith Driskel, Jr.  Keith, Jr. later committed suicide.

Penne Sue Gloor, 41, from Sturgis, June 2000 – killed by her husband, James Gloor, who then committed suicide. 

Jeanette Kay Kelly, 42, from Portage, August 2000 – killed in her home by her former boyfriend, Dale McNeal, who then killed himself. Her two daughters escaped as a result of a safety plan their mother had made.

George Pluta, 47, from Paw Paw, August 2000 –killed by John Petry, his girlfriends estranged husband. Petry committed suicide when police arrived.

Diane Lynn Cain, 39, from Pokagon Township, Cass County, November 2000 – killed by her husband, Gregory Cain.  He subsequently committed suicide.  

Beverly Mitchell, 36, and her sister Barbara Lownsberry, 44, from Niles, July 2001 - Barbara and her sister were killed by Beverly’s husband, Larry Mitchell, who then killed himself.  Her sister’s 14-year-old daughter and stepdaughter witnessed the murders.  Beverly was the mother of two girls.

Kathryn Schrock, 46, from Cassopolis, August 2001 – killed by her husband, Dennis who then shot himself.  Kathryn left behind two children.

Lori Dean, 39, from Kalamazoo, September 2001 – killed by her live-in boyfriend, Dennis Wolf.

Tameka L. Taylor, 27, from Kalamazoo, September 2002 – killed by her ex-boyfriend, Antwion Moore and his girlfriend, Aisha Rashidah Muhammad.  Tameka was the mother of two small children who were raised by Tameka’s mother in Three Rivers. 

Linda Teeters, 49, from Sturgis, March 2003 – killed by her live-in boyfriend of two months, Steven Bauder. Linda is survived by her three children and three grandchildren.  

Deborah Moore-Foster, 50, from Battle Creek, March 2004 – killed by her husband, Robert Foster.  Deborah had filed for a divorce earlier in the year and had obtained a PPO against Foster.  He had been in court days earlier charged with violating the PPO. 

Austin Singleton, 2, from Niles, November 2004 – killed by his father, Donald Parks.

Matthew Morales, 36, from Battle Creek, 2005 - killed by his 38-year-old girlfriend. Matthew is survived by his two daughters.

Denise Simpson, 41 from Dowagiac, 2007 – killed by her estranged husband Michael Simpson, who then killed himself. She was the mother of 2 children.

Jodi Parrack, 11, from Constantine, November 2007 – was abducted, sexually assaulted and murdered by Daniel Furlong, a person unknown to her in the community.

Calista Springer, 15, from Centreville, February 2008 – died in a house fire, chained to her bed as a result of undetected and ongoing child abuse by her father Anthony and step-mother Marsha Springer.  

Venus Rose Stewart, 32, from Colon, April 2010 – abducted and murdered by her estranged husband, Douglas Stewart. Venus was the mother of two daughters.

Dennis Brooks, 35, from Burr Oak, March 2014 - killed by his ex-girlfriend, Maria Williams. Dennis was the father of six children.

Laura Stineback 42, from Dowagiac, May 2015 - killed by her husband. She was the mother of three children.  

Alan Robert Craigo 59, from Edwardsburg, March 2017 – killed by his son, Joseph Craigo.

Shane Richardson, 29, from Constantine, July 2017 – killed by his wife’s ex-husband, Zachary Patten. At the time of his death, Shane’s wife Kaleena was expecting their first child together. 

Lori Norman, 30, from Three Rivers, March 2019 -  her live-in boyfriend, Randall Miller has been charged with her murder and is still awaiting trial.

Kelly-Jien Warner-Miller, 43, from Sturgis, May 2019 –her live-in boyfriend, Wade Allen has been charged with her murder and is still awaiting trial.

Tonia Clark, 49, from Dowagiac, August 2019 – killed by her husband, Jason Clark, who then killed himself.

Listing the horrific acts perpetrated against these victims does not convey the complicated experience of torment and violence they experienced.  These stories also cannot reveal to us all the ways victims protected their children, reached out to various systems for help, how long they were afraid, begged not to be hurt, or screamed for help before their lives ended. 

These images help renew our determination to continue working toward a world free of domestic violence.  Our thoughts are with the families and loved ones of those mentioned here, and all others who died at the hands of those who professed to love them.

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