Survivor Story - Why September Burton Blamed Herself for Her Abuse

September Burton is a survivor who believed her story to be unique. She believed, "It must be my fault that I was being abused and that if only I were better, smarter, skinnier, quieter, wealthier..." She believed if she could live up to a certain standard then he would stop abusing her and they could be happy together. 

She told us that because of podcasts like ours and books that brave women have written, she eventually came to realize that her story is not unique and that there are people suffering who need to hear from those of who have been there and who have survived, healed, and overcome. 

Part of September's healing journey is sharing her story; a story of severe emotional and psychological abuse, as well as physical abuse by “the nicest guy you’ll ever meet." In her story she shares that her abuser is an attorney and stalked her in a way where the law couldn’t touch him. He took everything: her children, home, cars, career and her world because "I saw behind the mask he wears." 

September went on a healing journey and rebuilt her life. Now she speaks to empower.


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