Taming the Lion Tamers Author David Flowers

David Flowers is a former attorney who spent his career representing victims of sexual abuse in civil litigation. David wrote Taming the Lion Tamers about the South Carolina case of convicted pedophile Eddie Fischer, and the people who protected him for decades. It’s a powerful story, and is the same case on which the Emmy-nominated documentary film What Haunts Us is based.

David fought for victims for decades, using story to their advantage. Now he works to hold people in power who protect perpetrators responsible for their part in these stories.

Eddie Fischer was a teacher at Porter-Gaud, an elite private school in Charleston, South Carolina, for ten years. He was also a serial pedophile. Shortly after he was hired, administrators at the school learned about his sexual interest in young boys but did nothing to stop him.

Fischer molested dozens of boys at the school. When they were finally confronted by the parents of a victim, the administrators allowed Fischer to resign quietly and then recommended him for employment at other schools in Charleston where he went on to molest more students for another fifteen years before he was finally arrested.

This is the true story of how Fischer was finally stopped and the determined efforts by some of Fischer’s victims to expose the truth about Porter-Gaud’s role in enabling, supporting, and advancing Fischer’s criminal career which spanned four decades. Utilizing court transcripts and first-hand accounts, David shares the innovative and unconventional strategies, coupled with the remarkable courage of the victims, which exposed and defeated the arrogance of the school and its grossly negligent administrators. 

David's book, Taming the Lion Tamers

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